Moonhead Films is an independent film and video production company ran by Award Winning Filmmaker, Jack Veasey, specialising in both theatrical and promotional film material. Moonhead Films is currently working with The Captain Tom foundation in producing video content for all channels. Jack has worked with established brands within the West Midlands region and nationally, including Coventry Sports Foundation, eOne and more. He has also worked for SOStudio UK in shooting documentary and promotional material for both Warwickshire County Council and the Warwickshire Fire Service.

The Captain Tom Foundation

It is a great pleasure for Moonhead Films to be working with The Captain Tom Foundation and creating their videos. Here you can see some of what has been created for the foundation. To find out more about how you can get inolved, please head over to their website:

   Photo credit: Mallory English – HumbleBrag ltd.

UNICEF & WHO Reading

It was a great honour to be able to film and create the following reading of Captain Sir Tom’s book One Hundred Steps for UNICEF, World Health Organisation and IPA. As always, it was great fun to shoot with Captain Tom and his grandson, Benjie. 

Non Transferable

Non-Transferable is an award winning short film written and directed by Jack Veasey and starring Andre-Pierre and Daniel Andreson.  An ex-soldier, who was medically discharged from service with a hidden physical disability and no transferable skill, battles with the temptation of falling back into his old way of life after his increasing debt and inability to find employment threatens his family’s standard of living.

Number 23

Number 23 is an award-winning proof of concept short film written and directed by Jack Veasey. Starring Andre-Pierre, the film is centred around a dystopic future where all that remains in the UK is one city, walled off from the rest of the world. Only certain people will ever be allowed in, the rest are left to die. Six people are captured by a secret government organisation to undergo superhuman experiments. Enslaved, their personalities clash. But they will have to work together in order to survive.

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